Stan_MD™ ה

An Inter-realm BEING, A Global citizen
KE NY AN by nationality

About this young Man

My name is Stanley M. n Dagi (alias as Stan_MD).
There's much to tell, but for starters:

My Christian faith and alma maters have shaped and solidified my life's purpose of serving my generation and impacting our lives positively.
I find fulfillment by seeing a budded flower slowly but surely unfold to express its radiance and floral essence. (figuratively speaking of course :)

are somewhere between the budded flower and it's unfolding.

I AM a Software Engineer at Andela
an ( ICDL certified) IT Undergrad
A member of intelligence in the Kingdom
an upcoming UI/UX guru | a techKenyan
Mentor / Orator
Skill wise, I possess a keen designer's eye and touch | Software Engineer
Content strategist, creator, translator & editor [author-in the making]
Notable awards and training:
Lion Scout badge holder, Gold P.A. Awardee, ManEnough officer,
St. John Ambulance Cadet volunteer, KRCS member
The outdoors cannot be left out. You are looking at an avid hiker, swimmer, biker, skater who'll one day climb the Everest during one of his round-the-globe tours

Ebenezer, Surely this far,
ni MUNGU TU! [it's God]

A leader serves & a Shepherd is found among the sheep
Much's been done, Still much MORE ahead!
-> Jer. 29.11 I know the plans I have for you
-> Rom 8.28 All works for good..
->1 Cor. 15.58 Give yourself fully to God's work
-> Joshua 1:8 speak it, meditate, observe to be prosperous
-> Ecc 12.13 Conclusion of the matter: the whole duty of man-Fear God, keep his commandments...

Contact me

Feel free to email MD to provide some feedback on instances you've met, his work, give suggestions for what could help him further his inter-realm cause, or to just say hello!

Drop MD a line,
he'll get back to you
Silicon Savannah is home, the pins is where I've been, the dot is my present location